This section enables you to take a quick glance at our skills and capabilities, get to evaluate our degree of know-how and the fields of expertise and, at least but not the last, the ways we have acquired knowledge and experience.

Siemens Technologies & Platforms


Complete hardware configuration and programming of the 300/400 Series Standard and Failsafe PLCs in:

LAD / STL / FBD / SCL / Graph / HiGraph.


Complete hardware configuration and programming of the native 1500 Controllers or of the 300/400 Controllers as Proxy PLCs.


HMI design and customization  for all kinds of operator panels with Simatic ProTool Pro v6 or with WinCC Flexible 2008 or with WinCC TIA-Portal for the new KP/TP1200 Series. 

Sinamics Drives

Complete design, drives integration, safety and commissioning with SIMATIC Scout or Starter for the Sinamics S120 or G120 using the CU320 Controller.

Sinumerik Drives

For Gantry projects (or CNC Machinery) complete drives integration, safety and commissioning of the Sinumerik 840D sl PowerLine and SolutionLine standards.

Integrated Safety Check and Commissioning with SinuComm NC.

Communication & Networking

Integrating the devices and configuring the communication over ProfiNet and/or ProfiBus.

Integration of Simatic CPs – Communication Processors. Integration of Scalance switches or NAT-Routers.

Extented expertise

  • Cameras - From Siemens (MV440/ASM), from Cognex (DataMan), from SICK (Lector).
  • RFIDs - Various kinds from Siemens, Sick and Balluff.
  • Safety - Familiar with the following safety protocols: ProfiSafe, Safety Integrated for Drives, AS-i Safety.
  • Communication protocols - Familiar with the following communication protocols: ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Ethernet, AS-Interface.
  • HMI - Much expertise with various versions of Siemens HMIPro. Also with the newest HMIPro v08. Other expertise with designing HMIs: Copa-Data zenOn v6 and Interact v4.
  • Drives - Siemens Sinamics S120, Siemens Sinumerik 840d sl, SEW MoviDrive / MoviFit FC / Movimot, Leuze and others…
  • Scanners - Scanners of various kinds, Bar Code readers and Handheld scanners from Siemens, Leuze, SICK.
  • Field instruments - Integration and parameterize of decentralized periphery devices and/or field instruments from: IFM, Balluff, Murr, Festo, DGD, SKF, Perma, Peppl+Fuchs and more…
  • Intelligent relays - Commissioning of SIPROTEC Relays with DIGSI 4 using CFC and Safety Matrix programming.

Electrical Design & Montage

Hardware Planning

With the help of our extensively experienced partners, we are realizing the hardware planning and the electrical designs of machines, part of installations or even the entire plant.


With the expertise of our extended team, we are also able to the mounting and all the desired electrical installations before and/or during the commissioning phase.