Hannover Fair, already on its way

HANNOVER MESSE the world’s complex industrial technology trade exposition and demonstration. Manufacturers are yet to completely use Industry 4.0 operating principles to get closer to customers, suppliers and distributors. Today, customers expect personalization, connectivity, and on-demand fulfilment.

Customer demands, changing buying habits and advances in technology have all conspired to make service both your key point of differentiation, and the most important battleground with your competitors. As a manufacturer, it’s no longer enough to simply deliver a product to a customer – even if it performs exactly to specification. The customer’s ongoing experience has become a core part of the value you offer. Businesses must make way for a more flexible, continuous approach to innovation.

As many visionary companies recognize, the 4.0 revolution is a means to transform their supply chain, product development, and manufacturing processes, creating a digital thread that delivers vital information about products across their entire lifecycle, for a better customer experience.

HANNOVER MESSE is the world’s leading convergence of industrial automation and technology, the very definition of industry 4.0 with themes like

      Automation, Motion & Drives

     Digital Ecosystems


     Energy Solutions