Digiatech Automation is able to offer a various range of services covering almost every aspect and through almost every step of the project, from the phase of design and development to commissioning phase and even further after delivery, by assisting the production on site or by giving technical support remotely.

Software Development

We can do exactly what we are asked to do, adapting and flexing us to the existing design, standardization, installation and/or machine.

Control of machines and installations in industry is performed in the vast majority of cases with the help of programmable controllers (PLC).

Due to the fact that the memory in a PLC is somewhat limited, when they are used in complex applications it is necessary to use a process computer.
               We automate production processes in a variety of industries, using the most advanced process control systems or SCADA solutions available.
           Data from automated systems can be transferred to the company's IT system and can communicate with other processes, this being one of the important steps for implementing the "Industry 4.0" concept.
           The benefits of using a process computer:
   • interfacing with databases
   • reports in various electronic formats (html, xls, pdf)
   • the possibility of connecting the computer in a network of PLCs
   • the possibility of connecting in an ETHERNET network
   • Data acquisition
   • Display detailed graphics

About 25% of the world's electrical energy is consumed by electric motors in industrial applications, which need different levels of energy at different stages of operation.

Instead of consuming a constant supply of energy regardless of a machine's need at a particular moment. An AC Drive is an adjustable-speed drive that controls AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage.
               Our systems can be used in almost any industry where electric motors are used. The solutions provide increased reliability, performance, safety and energy savings that exceed our customers' expectations:
      • Implementation time for an electric drive project is reduced by using dedicated solutions
      • Low downtime
      • The reliability of the executed drive systems makes the downtime periods shorter
      • The low maintenance they need reduces maintenance costs
      • By using frequency converters, significant energy cost reductions are obtained
Typical applications include:
         • Fans
         • pumps
         • mixers
         • conveyors
         • indexing
         • rotating months

We can do always more showing our creativity, strength, flexibility and adaptability to improve or correct the existing design or standardization.

HMI (Human Machine Interface) - is the component of the machine or industrial installation that deals with human interaction with them. From these human interfaces with the installation you can execute commands, set parameters, view system states and alarms.

We implement complete automation solutions for the control and monitoring of industrial production processes. We focus on the individual requirements of our customers and offer global solutions, well-founded both technically and economically.
           Our experience is based on the interaction with many complex automation systems for the automation of production lines and their optimal parameterization which leads to increased productivity, competitiveness, eliminates human error and helps reduce costs.
            Industrial production processes face increasingly complex requirements in terms of process optimization, machine implementation and regulations. This has a particular impact on process automation.
           A well-defined and structured HMI is crucial in automation systems. This interface must be created very intuitively for the user staff, both for quick and correct diagnosis in case of defects and as easy to use for other procedures that are part of the control of the installation. 

Depending on information requirements and industry-specific selection, 1D barcodes, 2D codes, and RFID transponders may have specific advantages or download criteria in application applications.

Aspects such as the amount of data, transport speed, scan radius or reading distance, field of view and environmental conditions can play a critical role in that specific application function.          Industrial durability, high read performance, rapid diagnosis and use and security for all essential units as an ideal solution for its application It is not uncommon for a company to require multiple identification technologies in each process that may follow various conditions.

  It is also necessary to optimize the processing or change the requirements in order to be able to continue several more identification technologies or, if necessary, to clarify a subsequent modification of a technology. From an economic point of view, however, they can change if there are identification systems that can be based on a weighing platform and if they can be made available and connected.

We can design and develop a solution from scratch based on the customer’s requests and/or end-customer’s requirements.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), is a current solution in the field of automation, due to the performance and flexibility offered.

Automations based on SCADA solutions are identified in large and very large processes, especially for monitoring or controlling chemical, physical or transport manufacturing processes. Such systems can be made with local or remote control via Ethernet, GSM, in this way it becomes possible to monitor or control applications that offer low costs, from a PC monitor, located at a great distance from the process, very useful in the case of pumping systems, sewage treatment plants, transformer stations, conductors, as well as in the case of industrial processes.
Specific Applications:
    • Data acquisition
    • Local monitoring stations
    • Remote monitoring stations
    • Centralizing data in distributed processes
The advantages of this system are:
    • real-time tracking of the instantaneous values ​​of process parameters
    • providing information on the status of systems, equipment, etc.
    • management situation of damage / alarm
    • protection system by intrusion prevention
    • data archiving
    • counting operating hours, consumption etc.
    • viewing / printing reports in Excel format (hourly, daily, monthly, yearly)

We design and execute electrical panels for industrial process automation, machine automation, motor control and protection, all produced and tested in accordance with customer requirements and in accordance with applicable regulations.

We successfully develop both new projects and works to modernize existing production capacities.
             Through the design process, the choice and integration of quality components, the testing and measurement procedures according to regulations and the training of operating personnel we ensure that the final solution is in accordance with the needs and requests of the beneficiaries.
Characteristics of electrical panels:
        • well-sized appliances
        • industrial equipment
        • marked clamps
        • conductors of the right size and color
        • marked appliances
        • labels


Service & Commissioning

We implement usually the commissioning of the projects we have ourselves designed and developed.

We can quickly train ourselves to become part of your Service Team when we are not, at the beginning, familiar with your projects, standardization or whatever design solution your are using.

We can start the commissioning of your already on-going projects as an integrated part of your team helping it, or as an extension of your commissioning team, doing independently our work for a part of project or part of installation.

We can support you at the end of commissioning by implementing the last changes before delivery and ready the plant for the delivery tests.

We can continue to stay on site after the plant delivery, offering further technical support, production assistance and, if necessary, make the necessary training for operating or maintenance personnel.

We can start the commissioning of your already on-going projects as an extension of your commissioning team, doing independently our work for a machine or even a distinct part of a machine.