About us

DIGIATECH INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES SRL is a Romanian firm which was founded as a response to the industry’s necessities and has grown due to its partners’ requirements and they ever growing demands of making things professionally better and more and more ingeniously.

DIGIATECH’ s activities are in automation (robots, plc controls, industrial networks..), conveyors and internal transport (pallets, belts, EHB, EMS, raising platforms, etc.),services (electric installations, HVAC, industrial refrigeration, IT networks, sprinklers.), buildings and constructional work (steel, concrete, car parks, office buildings, foundations for machinery, .) and facility management (management and technical maintenance of installations, internal services.).

We have gone through many industries in the last years, we fought our way through the permanently growing market, meeting the necessities and the ever complex requirements of the demanding customers and we have succeeded with every occasion to offer very good solutions based on our own innovation or on the partner’s standardization, always within optimal implementing times and always meeting the dead-lines during software developing or during the commissioning phase.

DIGIATECH is rather a small firm, but we consider ourselves strong, with good know-how, extensive knowledge, which can be very flexible and easily adaptive to new changes and to new customers.

Our motto:

Just if you really want to, then you can Engineering the impossible!

                                                                                      ………. at least we try to follow it our motto!

Our services:

Software Development
Service & Commissioning
Electrical Design